• Taking an active and positive role in the development of the local community and contributing to national economy by providing sustainable job opportunities to Jordanian youth and by offering high quality goods and services that exceed customers’ expectations.
  • Expansion of our business and steady growth, which also reflects on the communities we invest in and increases the trade activity at areas of our new centers.
  • Training and qualifying of Jordanian labor and young people who would want to join the optics field. This is done through Optikos Shami Academy.
  • Excellence and leadership in optics: customers are the center of our attention and we don’t only seek to satisfy them but we want to exceed their expectations each time they visit us.
  • Introducing latest technology in optics in the Jordanian market on a timely basis so that Jordanians get most advanced services. In addition, Jordan is a destination for medical tourism that Arabs highly trust and we aspire to contribute to this sector. 
  • Giving the customer a unique shopping experience each time he/she visits us so that a customer would ultimately become a client.
  • Providing honest and clear medical advice that would help customers overcome their eye issues. We aim to help them enjoy a better and easier daily life.
  • Satisfying the needs and wants of different age groups, including children and the elderly. 
  • Mutual loyalty and trust between us and our service recipients, leading to winning lifetime clients. 
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