Our well established values, that we always seek to instill and strengthen in our employees’ minds and deeds, are:

  • Hospitality, a pillar of Jordanian culture throughout history. It is reflected in the friendliness of our employees and their warm welcome. Our employees carefully listen to the customer and accurately identify and respond to his/ her needs and wants.
  • Team spirit and synergy through cooperation and effective communication.
  • Positive reinforcement through moral and financial incentives and reward systems that encourage best performance.
  • Bearing responsibility to all our stakeholders, including our employees, customers and local communities at large to win and maintain their trust in our company.
  • Uniqueness and excellence throughout all our deals, not in words but in action and on the ground. We work hard to provide perfect services and we are proud of our offerings.
  • Transparency and credibility in goods, services and even the prices that we offer and in all our dealings with individuals inside and outside the company.
  • Improvement of procedures and methodologies through keeping pace with latest managerial practices and through listening to our employees’ suggestions on how to improve since they apply procedures on daily basis.
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