Optikos Shami is the oldest and most well-known optical company in Jordan with centers spreading all over the kingdom. Our company was established in 1960 by Dr. Mohammad Medhat Al-Shami who established the first center in Irbid city and applied all his knowledge, experience and passion in optics. Setting the highest standard practice at the time, Dr. Al-Shami was a pioneer and the first to introduce optics science in Jordan. Over the years, Optikos Shami has become a famous and highly trusted name.
Our centers are spread all over Jordan in the most popular malls, centers, and shopping areas of town. The visitor can feel the luxury and elegance of our centers and would surely enjoy a unique shopping experience with our excellent services. Our items are well organized and displayed in a way that makes it easy for customers to select. A customer would experience an easy and comfortable eye test in our modern labs. Over and above, the warmth of welcome and friendliness of our team and their outstanding services sets a role model in the optical sector. Our expansion strategy is market-driven. We carefully analyze the market and develop our services accordingly, providing reasonable prices and well devised promotional offers that have never failed to satisfy our customers. We have 38 centers in Jordan and 3 centers outside Jordan at your service.
We also provide a comprehensive set of optical services that suit the needs and wants of each customer. A customer receives utmost care and feels comfortable during our comprehensive and accurate eye tests. We have a wide selection of eyewear including eyeglasses, sunglasses, and optical lenses of all types. Latest fashion and the world’s most popular brands are always at hand and brought on season specially for the trendy people. A variety of eyewear accessories, including cases and chains, and kids glasses are also available. 
Our highly educated and qualified experts carry out the most comprehensive and accurate sight tests and the broader eye tests, alongside diagnosis and treatment. In addition to our high-tech labs in our centers, we have a mobile lab for eye test and eyewear preparation for those who can’t come to our centers, such as the bedridden and elderly. We apply highest quality control standards, unified throughout our centers, to ensure finest and fastest services.


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